Month: November 2018

WritingsWhat On Earth Are You Doing For Heaven’s Sake?

I want to make the difference, not just “a” difference but “the” difference. How about you? Read more

MessagesHe Did It Anyway

They cursed Him, they hung Him, they killed Him and yet He did it anyway. Watch video

NewsWhy do you like the Chinspiration Series?

We are launching Chinspirations Vol.3 on 2nd December 2018! Stay Tuned. Read more

WritingsFacing The Challenge

Sadly, too often when we become comfortable and choosy, we exchange radical for safety. Read more

NewsChinspirations Vol. 3 is out!

We are launching Chinspirations Vol. 3 on 2 December 2018 Read more

VideoBusiness Unusual Ep.10: Creating Purposeful Content

How do we measure the KPI of a media production? Watch video

MessagesWithout Faith, it is Impossible to Please God

“Faith is the currency of heaven”, it opens the floodgates to God’s good and perfect blessings for us if only we can believe. Watch video


Revival is neither a pie in the sky nor a figment of the imagination, though no one can explain with sufficient satisfaction of its appearance and disappearance. Read more

QuotesPrayer is like Oxygen to the Church

Watch today's Chinspirations Devotional Video by Pr Kenneth Chin Read more