Month: December 2018

Messages Confidence

Confidence, also known as faith is such an essential part of our Christian walk. Watch video

Writings Imagine With Me

These were God-inspired dreams Pastor Kenneth Chin had and listed in 2001. Today, we have seen most of these dreams being fulfilled by the strength and glory of God, and fulfilled beyond what was imagined too. Read more

Messages Product of Discouragement

How are you responding to your discouragements today? Watch video

Writings Unbelief Achieves Nothing

The real problem with unbelief is us, too much self in our lives. We cannot have more of God without having less of us. And the less there is of us, the less flesh there is to get in the way. Where there is more flesh, there is less faith. Read more

News Chinspirations Vol. 3 Launched!

It's now launched! Get it from Revo Store today! Read more