Writings The Sin Series Part 2: Despise The Shame

Adam endured the shame and despised the cross before him which led him down a path of blame, losing him his authority with God. Jesus, endured the cross, despised the shame and was able to sit down at the right hand of the Father, restoring back His authority as God’s son. Read more

Video Breathe: Self-harm – “Faith” (Episode 05)

There are times that we may come to our wits’ end, where we believe that nothing on earth seem to favour us; a position we are so convinced about that no one else can help, and no other remedy could be found. Watch video

Video Breathe: Self-harm – “Mental Health” (Episode 04)

In this episode, Mathura and Hong Jin shares with us the struggles and challenges living with this illness as well as the victories they have experienced. Watch video

Messages Good Series (Part 3): God’s Goodness

Could it be that God’s glory is His goodness? And to see His Glory, is to experience His goodness? Watch video

Quotes Introducing LINetS

Life Inspired Network Society (LINetS) is registered! Read more

Writings The Sin Series Part 1: Why was Jesus Sent?

We cannot preach salvation without preaching sin. Sin was first and Christ came because of sin. If there was no sin, there is no need for salvation, because salvation (through the coming of Jesus Christ) arrives only after sin is acknowledged. Read more