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Writings Barking Up The Wrong Tree

To live differently, we will have to make sure we do not bark up the wrong tree. Read more

Writings Church Is A Messy Place

People come into church with all shapes and sizes of baggage, sin, and problems. Read more

Writings Power Of The Pause

How many times have we not paused and found ourselves in our worst accidents? Read more

Writings When To Seek God? (Part 4)

Bring everything to God first before you bring anything to man. Read more

Writings How To Seek God? (Part 3)

Preparing to seek God is setting aside time and telling God we want to hear from Him. It does take effort. Read more

Writings Why Should We Seek God? (Part 2)

Our heart is not beating on battery, it is at the will of God.  Read more

Writings What It Means to Seek God? (Part 1)

Seeking God is not just looking to Him. In the Hebrew language, the word “seek” has several meanings. Read more

Writings Peace Of God: For It Is Written (Part 3)

God has written our future and end in His book, so who shall have the last say in your life? Read more

Writings Peace Of God: From The Mind To The Heart (Part 2)

There is a difference between head-knowledge and heart-knowledge. Read more

Writings Peace of God: A Spiritual Power (Part 1)

A spiritual problem needs a spiritual answer. Read more