Category: Writings

Writings God Isn’t Fair, He Is Just (Part 1)

Instead of complaining on what is fair, ask God what is right. Read more

Writings Rise Up, The Miracle Is In The Rising

We cannot rebuild unless we first rise up. The fullness of the vision is not only to rebuild, but to rise. Read more

Writings Rebuilding ( Part 4 )

We must work to clean up these "rubbles". We have to clean up all the burdens, let go all of the bitterness and forgive all those who have done us wrong. Read more

Writings Rebuilding (Part 3)

We often hear about how we should position ourselves for success, but what we really need to do is to allow God to position us. Read more

Writings Rebuilding (Part 2)

Do not let the pressures of this world take over the purpose that God has for you. Purpose in your heart to let God’s word and ways prevail over all else. Read more

Writings Rebuilding (Part 1)

Although we may fail, we can always find hope in God if we turn to Him. God is big on second chances. Read more

Writings Missions, not ME-ssions

God does not discriminate! He wants to give us bigger hearts and bigger mindsets to mirror His heart and His love for all people. Read more

Writings He Sees Our Struggles and Catches Us When We Fall

Let us learn to put ourselves in a position where we are fragile before God. Read more

Writings Church: as an Inspiration (Part 3)

The church should be such an inspiration that the world can see miracles when they stand beside us - because we live for people; to see them set free, healed, delivered and saved. Read more

Writings Church: as an Instruction (Part 2)

We may be away where there is no church leader physically to remind us to do our quiet time, but because church is an instruction, we live it out as instructed. Read more