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Writings Missions, not ME-ssions

God does not discriminate! He wants to give us bigger hearts and bigger mindsets to mirror His heart and His love for all people. Read more

Writings He Sees Our Struggles and Catches Us When We Fall

Let us learn to put ourselves in a position where we are fragile before God. Read more

Writings Church: as an Inspiration (Part 3)

The church should be such an inspiration that the world can see miracles when they stand beside us - because we live for people; to see them set free, healed, delivered and saved. Read more

Writings Church: as an Instruction (Part 2)

We may be away where there is no church leader physically to remind us to do our quiet time, but because church is an instruction, we live it out as instructed. Read more

Writings Church: as an Institution (Part 1)

If we cannot cultivate a good culture locally within our own church, chances are we might not be able to do it anywhere else in the world. Read more

Writings Is Christ Enough?

Do you know Jesus well enough to trust that He is good enough for you? Read more

Writings Confident In Prayer

Prayer is not just an optional practice, nor is it mere tradition; there is power in prayer. Read more

Writings The Power of Giving

Did you know that finances and money are mentioned more times in the New Testament than faith or even heaven? Read more

Writings Heart of Worship: Preparing for Nothing

If we think that worship is just a 30-minute thing on a Sunday morning, then it is no better than ‘gospel karaoke’. Read more

Writings Why and How to be Filled and Full of the Holy Spirit (Part 2)

The Holy Spirit is not just a figment of our imagination. The Holy Spirit is our helper and advocate. Read more