Category: Writings

Writings The Spirit of The Lord is Upon Us

Believing that when God has chosen you, you can do what He calls you to do because He loves everyone and He is the Father of all hearts. Read more

Writings Preach Christ No Matter What

It is a radical message. And as a church, we must be willing not only to believe it but to declare it among the nations. Read more

Writings Dream Killers & Builders (Part 2)

Inevitably, the world disappoints us. We become discouraged and we begin to carry an internal weight within our hearts. It’s a vicious cycle that’s hard to break. Read more

Writings Dream Killers & Builders (Part 1)

God is a giver of dreams. However, the enemy wants to kill our God-given dreams. Read more

Writings Ministering to others while needing ministry

If you feel like giving in, give in to God. Nothing you’ve sown into the Kingdom will be lost. Our best rewards are ahead of us. Read more

Writings Doubt

Doubt sinks you, but faith keeps you afloat. Read more

Writings What’s More Important Than Love?

At the cross, “love” and “holiness” met. “Love” had to meet the demands of “holiness”. Read more

Writings The Power of Speaking into Something

Let’s rebuke what is not holy. Let’s put into our vocabulary the truth and the word of God. Let’s speak for the supernatural to become natural. Let’s take on our own victory in Christ through our speaking. Read more