Acts Church Anniversary Video

Video Chinspirations: Interview with Kay Hiramine (Part 4)

Kay explains the 3 fundamentals that would help us honour and stick to our convictions in God. Watch video

Video #TrueStory: Healing through FB Live

Joshua's day started worrisome as he woke up with a bad knee pain. Watch video

Writings How to Lose and Still Win Everytime

How many lessons of life can one learn. Read more

Video Chinspirations: Interview with Kay Hiramine (Part 3)

With God’s blessings increased manifold, true tests came for Kay and his team. Watch video

Video Chinspirations: Interview with Kay Hiramine (Part 2)

The deeper the death in you, the higher the calling. Watch video

Video Chinspirations: Interview with Kay Hiramine (Part 1)

Kay introduces his extraordinaire childhood that includes growing an illegal business. Watch video

Video VLOG: Happy 6th Anniversary Acts Bekasi!

Come catch a glimpse of the 3 days ministry trip and watch Acts Bekasi in action! Watch video

Messages Exceeding Expectations

God’s will is that we all exceed expectations. The question is how do we live such a life? Watch video

Writings Bless and Encourage Somebody Today (B.E.S.T Ministry)

It is a richer life when it is lived out in love. Read more

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About Pr Kenneth

Pr Kenneth Chin

This is the official website of Kenneth Chin.

He is the Founding Senior Pastor of Acts Church which is committed to the revival of hearts, renewal of minds and the reformation of society.

He is also the Founding Director of Asian Youth Ambassadors (AYA), a not-for-profit organisation committed to youth and community outreach and development, and the Founding Chairman of Acts Enterprise, an initiative that provides full or partial support to the start-up and/or management of approved social businesses aligned with the vision and mission of Acts Church.

Kenneth is happily married to his wife, Sandra, for over 23 years. She is a licensed Company Secretary and a qualified English teacher and has been serving alongside her husband for as long as they have been married. She also currently holds the positions as Senior Associate Pastor and Missions Pastor of Acts Church.

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