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Breakthrough comes from people who refuse to resign, especially from our calling. Read more

Video Tumpang Tanya Pastor (Ep.6)

What're some advice that you have for business owners in this pandemic? Watch video

1-Minute 1-Min Chinspiration: I Am Forgiven

I've got to believe that when I say, "God forgive me," He does. Read more

Quotes Those who are blessed are usually busy, and those who are busy usually forget Who blessed them.

Those who are blessed are usually busy, and those who are busy usually forget Who blessed them. - extract from Chinspiration Volume III Get your copy of Chinspirations Vol. I, II or III from Revo Store this weekend after one of our services! Read more

Video Tumpang Tanya Pastor (Ep.5)

What are the factors to consider in decision making? Watch video

Video Tumpang Tanya Pastor (Ep.4)

Is it wrong to want to study abroad or at a certain university even if it means financially burdening your family? Watch video

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About Pr Kenneth

Pr Kenneth Chin

This is the official website of Kenneth Chin.

Kenneth Chin is a lawyer by training, a communicator by calling and a dreamer by design. He is the Founding Senior Pastor of Acts Church in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Founding Director of Asian Youth Ambassadors (AYA), a not-for-profit youth organisation committed to youth and community outreach/development. For over 25 years now, he has dedicated his life to inspiring people of all ages – especially young people – to live their best lives, and for the coming years he is focused on leaving a strong legacy so that others can do the sameā€¦ and more. #decadeoflegacy2030

Kenneth is also the Founding Chairman of Acts Enterprise, an initiative that provides full or partial support to the start-up and/or management of social businesses in support of the vision and mission of Acts Church.

Kenneth is happily married to his wife, Sandra, for over 25 years. She is a licensed Company Secretary and a qualified English teacher, and has been serving alongside her husband for as long as they have been married. She also currently holds the positions of Senior Minister and Missions Pastor of Acts Church.

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