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Video Tumpang Tanya Pastor (Ep.2)

Am I wrong holding onto & falling for someone who's basically hopeless? Watch video

1-Minute 1-Min Chinspiration: The Good in People

Because people were made in God's image, people are capable of greater good Read more

1-Minute 1-Min Chinspiration: Test My Anxieties

Only when you are tested, will you see your real anxiety Read more

1-Minute 1-Min Chinspiration: The Higher Way

Your ways are higher, Your thoughts are higher. Read more

Video Acts Iskandar Anniversary Message 2020

Happy 3rd Anniversary Acts Iskandar! Watch video

1-Minute 1-Min Chinspiration: Be Like Peter

Maybe this year, don't be so in control. Let God have the control. Read more

Memorable Reruns Memorable Rerun: Give Thanks to the Lord for He is Good

When people understand God's goodness, we will fully appreciate His glory. Read more

News Memorable Rerun: 13 Years of Helping People Believe

7 years ago during our 13th Anniversary, we were able to capture wonderful and inspiring stories of the changed lives of our partners through the 13 years of helping people believe. Read more

News Restarting business and work after lockdown

What will our career or business look like after lockdown? Read more