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Other “Breathe” (Season 2) Teaser #2

Is there hope for the 4.2 million people and more in our country? Read more

Other Asian Youth Ambassadors: Empowering Youth

Started since year 1995 by Kenneth and Sandra Chin, AYA has been touching over 6,000 youths each year through concerts, conferences, community service initiatives and mass media. Read more

Other Know Your Enemy (Part 2)

Do not give the devil a foothold. Read more

Other Breathe: Self-harm – “My sister, Lynette” (Episode 01)

Kenneth recounts the life his sister lived and the experiences that they had growing up in a broken family. He has fond memories of his sister, he shares with us who she was and how she impacted him and the people around her. Read more

Other What is “GOOD”?

We asked some of the artists and designers at Acts to share their visual interpretation on “Good”... Read more