Acts Church Anniversary Video

Writings What’s More Important Than Love?

At the cross, “love” and “holiness” met. “Love” had to meet the demands of “holiness”. Read more

Messages Why Worship Works (Part 4)

The entire church service, as even the whole of life, must be a worship. Watch video

Writings The Power of Speaking into Something

Let’s rebuke what is not holy. Let’s put into our vocabulary the truth and the word of God. Let’s speak for the supernatural to become natural. Let’s take on our own victory in Christ through our speaking. Read more

Messages Why Worship Works (Part 3)

What’s your stance today? That of a warrior or a worshipper? Watch video

Writings Pearl of Great Price

God wants to give us the “weight of glory”, but it doesn’t come without sacrifice, sufferings and bad times. Read more

Writings Think Like God (Part 2)

Why is it so hard to think like God? This begs the question: what are we feeding our minds? Read more

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About Pr Kenneth

Pr Kenneth Chin

This is the official website of Kenneth Chin.

Kenneth Chin is a lawyer by training, a communicator by calling and a dreamer by design. He is the Founding Senior Pastor of Acts Church in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Founding Director of Asian Youth Ambassadors (AYA), a not-for-profit youth organisation committed to youth and community outreach/development. For over 25 years now, he has dedicated his life to inspiring people of all ages – especially young people – to live their best lives, and for the coming years he is focused on leaving a strong legacy so that others can do the same… and more. #decadeoflegacy2030

Kenneth is also the Founding Chairman of Acts Enterprise, an initiative that provides full or partial support to the start-up and/or management of social businesses in support of the vision and mission of Acts Church.

Kenneth is happily married to his wife, Sandra, for over 25 years. She is a licensed Company Secretary and a qualified English teacher, and has been serving alongside her husband for as long as they have been married. She also currently holds the positions of Senior Minister and Missions Pastor of Acts Church.

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