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Messages Our Purpose: To Please and Glorify God

To please and to glorify God are a huge part of worship Watch video

Messages 2020 and beyond…

We as Acts Church are looking forward to 2020 and beyond... Watch video

Messages God’s Kingdom Our Assignment (Part 3)

Man works by majority but God works by minority Watch video

Messages God’s Kingdom Our Assignment (Part 2)

The Kingdom of God is like a mustard seed that grew and became a large tree. Watch video

Messages God’s Kingdom, Our Assignment

The Kingdom of God is not just amazing but it’s also the answer for every problem in our lives. Watch video

Messages Trust Him More!

God wants us to trust Him more, so that we can expand and increase the hope that we have in Him. Watch video

Messages He Sees Us In Our Struggle, And Catches Us When We Fall

He who sends is He who sees and He who sees is He who saves. Watch video

Messages Think Like God

The power of a thought Watch video

Messages God’s Thoughts For Us

God knows the thoughts He has for us Watch video