Month: January 2019

Messages What it means to seek God (Part 1)

What does it mean to seek God and why it’s so important for us to do so. Watch video

News Hello Kota Kinabalu!

Fairstival Kota Kinabalu is just 1 week away and we're looking forward to be there with you. Read more

Writings How Do We Build Confidence 

We are not living the best of our lives because we are lacking confidence. At times, we may even been given the opportunity to do or to pursue something incredible, but we choose to back out of it because of the lack of confidence. Read more

Messages Go Deeper

Launch Out into the Deep! Watch video

Writings How to Know That This Is The Will of God?

Your future will continue in the path your faith cuts for you. Read more

Messages Freedom

Jesus has already paid the price for our sins and our transgressions and as believers we know this. However, knowing is not enough. Watch video

Writings You Are The Vessel For The Miracle

In this generation, we have enough oil (Holy Spirit) to bring about a revolution, but we might not have enough vessels (us). The treasure is already within us, we just need to be willing vessels. Read more