Month: October 2019

WritingsFriendship with God

The highest form of relationship is friendship with God. Read more


The secret to discipleship is "Follow Me". Read more

WritingsGod Isn’t Fair, He Is Just (Part 2)

People want to be seen as fair, but God is looking for those who are just. The "fairness" of man does not achieve the "justice" of God, but the "justice" of God can achieve "fairness" of man. Read more

QuotesGod’s not fair. He’s just.

- extract from Chinspiration Volume II Read more

NewsBreathe: Suicide Prevention – Mind the Gap

The topic of suicide and mental health are both taboo and most often times misunderstood in our culture and society. Read more

WritingsGod Isn’t Fair, He Is Just (Part 1)

Instead of complaining on what is fair, ask God what is right. Read more

NewsHomes: Joel & Theresa’s Story

Joel & Theresa's testimony on how they found each other in homes and how all their homies came together to support them on their big day. Read more

NewsBreathe: Mind The Gap Trailer

"Breathe: Suicide Prevention" will be premiering this Sunday, 20th October @ 8PM on Chup.TV. Read more