Month: August 2019

WritingsRebuilding (Part 2)

Do not let the pressures of this world take over the purpose that God has for you. Purpose in your heart to let God’s word and ways prevail over all else. Read more

WritingsRebuilding (Part 1)

Although we may fail, we can always find hope in God if we turn to Him. God is big on second chances. Read more

Other“Breathe” (Season 2) Teaser #2

Is there hope for the 4.2 million people and more in our country? Read more

VideoCheer Project: In Aid of the Flood Victims of Johor (2007)

In 2007, 35 volunteers of Asian Youth Ambassadors (AYA) drove down to Panchor in Muar District, Johor with a mission to bless 8 primary schools that had been affected by floods during the preceding year. Watch video

VideoBreathe (Season 2): Teaser #1

This journey is a collective effort and together with various parties, "Breathe" is a project all out to collect breadcrumbs for the reimagining of hope and life. Watch video

WritingsMissions, not ME-ssions

God does not discriminate! He wants to give us bigger hearts and bigger mindsets to mirror His heart and His love for all people. Read more

OtherAsian Youth Ambassadors: Empowering Youth

Started since year 1995 by Kenneth and Sandra Chin, AYA has been touching over 6,000 youths each year through concerts, conferences, community service initiatives and mass media. Read more