Month: February 2020

Writings Barking Up The Wrong Tree

To live differently, we will have to make sure we do not bark up the wrong tree. Read more

Quotes Worship turns Worriers into Warriors

- extract from Chinspiration Volume III Read more

Video What’s Next, Acts?

Acts 20th Anniversary Video Watch video

Messages Our Purpose: To Please and Glorify God

To please and to glorify God are a huge part of worship Watch video

Writings Church Is A Messy Place

People come into church with all shapes and sizes of baggage, sin, and problems. Read more

Quotes Don’t just pray right, Do right.

- extract from Chinspiration Volume II Read more

Messages 2020 and beyond…

We as Acts Church are looking forward to 2020 and beyond... Watch video

Writings Power Of The Pause

How many times have we not paused and found ourselves in our worst accidents? Read more

Quotes Church is a Team Sport

- extract from Chinspiration Volume III Read more

News Acts Partners’ Conference 2020: Fruitfulness is like a tree.

God has a plan for every fruit in this one tree called Acts Read more