Month: December 2019

MessagesTrust Him More!

God wants us to trust Him more, so that we can expand and increase the hope that we have in Him. Watch video

QuotesEvery breath is a gift from God.

- extract from Chinspiration Volume III Read more

OtherWhy God Became Man

This is the reason why Jesus had to be born Read more

WritingsPeace of God: A Spiritual Power (Part 1)

A spiritual problem needs a spiritual answer. Read more

MessagesHe Sees Us In Our Struggle, And Catches Us When We Fall

He who sends is He who sees and He who sees is He who saves. Watch video

WritingsThe Good Series: The Good Fight (Part 4)

The fact that we are fighting for a righteous crown is that we fight for what's honourable in His eyes.  Read more

NewsActs e-Newsletter (December 2019 issue)

Good Tidings we bring to you and your kin! Read more