Month: June 2019

WritingsConfident In Prayer

Prayer is not just an optional practice, nor is it mere tradition; there is power in prayer. Read more

NewsGCC, KK: How to Adult by Pr Kenneth Chin

Pr Kenneth will be ministering at Glory Christian Centre, Kota Kinabalu this coming 12-13 July 2019. Read more

VideoThe Global Actsperiment: All To Jesus (Featurette)

Come and hear what is the heart of the Global Actsperiment and how we came to name the album All to Jesus from the team behind the album. Watch video

MessagesThe Cross & The Empty Tomb

Are you truly living the life you have gained in Christ or are you still stuck in your past regrets, disappointments and despairs? Watch video

WritingsThe Power of Giving

Did you know that finances and money are mentioned more times in the New Testament than faith or even heaven? Read more

WritingsHeart of Worship: Preparing for Nothing

If we think that worship is just a 30-minute thing on a Sunday morning, then it is no better than ‘gospel karaoke’. Read more

QuotesLove God without exceptions.

- extract from Chinspiration Volume I Read more

WritingsWhy and How to be Filled and Full of the Holy Spirit (Part 2)

The Holy Spirit is not just a figment of our imagination. The Holy Spirit is our helper and advocate. Read more