Month: March 2020

OtherProduct Of Discouragement

The opposite of possibility is impossibility. The opposite of faith is discouragement.  Read more

QuotesPray Listen Obey

- extract from Chinspiration Volume II Read more

WritingsFaith Is The Substance

Reading from Hebrews, what do the "faith giants" described in the letter can teach us? Read more

MessagesWe Were Made to Worship

Our highest purpose is to worship Him! Watch video

WritingsThe Past and the Prophetic Utterance

God wants His people to deal with the past so that they can be ready for the future. Read more

MessagesGod’s Diet

God’s diet will produce God results. Watch video

WritingsBreakthrough from Boxes

Jesus was put in the box of death but He came out of it as the risen Jesus! The angel said, “He is not here,'' no box could keep Him in. Read more