A Meditation Of A Cat : Talking About Trust

02 Nov 18   -  Writings


[ Extracted and edited from D2Y2 Magazine, April – July 2008, Issue 5 ]

This article is best read and followed along with your Bible turned to the specific portions of Scripture mentioned

We have heard messages on revival, sung songs about revival and perhaps we have even prayed earnestly for revival to visit our churches. But how often have we asked for unity?

In Jesus’s lifetime on earth, He prayed for many things and always saw all of them answered in full and fast except one – His prayer for unity (John 17). Perhaps this is or should be the final focus of every church since we have tried almost everything else. Without the singleness of heart in vision and mission, revival will only be a phase.

To be truly united, we need to learn to trust each other more than we have ever trusted before. None of us, no matter how big or influential, can ever “finish the work” alone. God intended for His Church to be perfected (or matured) in one; and without committing to such a process (of unity), we will never be perfected. Trust is vital if we are going to see greater unity, which in turn, is the prerequisite to a greater move of God in our nation.

We are longing to experience a nationwide revival that will last after all the goosebumps are gone! If we are ever going to see what we have never seen, we need to start trusting like we have never trusted.



“Blessed are all those who put their trust in Him.”
Psalm 2:1-12; 4:4-5

It takes trust to do the impossible

The impossible is that which we cannot do by ourselves! We need God and those He has brought into our lives to bring out the best in us, for us and through us! It takes trust to fulfill dreams to “inherit nations… and the ends of the earth” (Psalm 2:8)

What we fail to trust, we will fight (mostly because of fear)!

A stray cat was found lost in the bathroom of my house one day. I tried hard and yet very gently to coax it out but the nearer I got to it, the deeper it went into the bathroom. Sometimes we are like that with people who have our best intentions in mind, and that includes God Himself.

After some time, knowing that the cat was not going to come out the easy way, I prepared myself for some probably painful but highly necessary action. I rolled up my sleeves and put on some heavy duty gloves. That is what God has had to do with many of us who have failed to trust Him, though He always had our best intentions in mind!

The cat began to get desperate, jumping with all its might to get out through the high bathroom windows though it was completely evident to me that it was never going to make it. We too have tried many “escapes” with our own strength while God watched with perfect knowledge that we were not going to succeed without His Help. Oh, if we would only have trusted Him more, His ways are always better!

I threw a towel over the cat as it landed on the bathroom floor (after its “seventy seventh” unsuccessful attempt to jump out the window). It was quick enough to squirm and turn as it buried its fangs through the thick gloves into my left thumb. I had no choice but to tighten my squeeze on the cat, causing it some obvious pain which was necessary to divert its attention. Oh, how all this could have been avoided if it only trusted me more. What we fail to trust, we will fight! God wants us to trust Him more!


Trust is given, not earned

Imagine if you had to be in a relationship where trust or love or submission has to be earned. It is a terrible way to live. No matter what you do, it will never be enough! God’s word instructs us to trust Him, He does not need to earn our trust. Like love or submission, we can make trusting easier, but not earned!

God says in Psalm 2 that He has begotten a Son. God is looking for sons, not just kings and rulers. Sons freely give their trust to their fathers. Kings and rulers demand that we earn their trust. I have learned that I do not need people of position to build God a great House. What I need are sons in the faith who trust me.

It is even harder to trust when we have been hurt, disappointed or betrayed.

But the Bible has encouraging instructions (advice) for us to keep trusting because “there is no other way to be happy …” (Trust & Obey – Don Moen)  :

A) “Be angry and do not sin” (Ephesians 4:26)

You are allowed to be angry, but keep aiming for the bull’s eye. Do not do or say things rashly in your anger that you will regret, and even if you have, do not let those “promises” derail you from God’s plan for your life. Do not get stuck while the guy who “offended” you moves on with life. Sin has been defined as “missing the mark.” Be angry but do not miss the mark!

B) “Meditate within your heart on your bed, and be still” (Psalm 4:4)

It is those thoughts that occupy your mind deep into your sleep that will affect your disposition and your destiny. Choose to think differently. To meditate is to look at a certain circumstance, situation or event from all angles, even from the position of the “opposing party“ over and over again. This is a good time to put yourself in the shoes of the other party, to give people the benefit of doubt, a chance to be justified.

Something I hoped the cat would include in its meditations before it went to sleep that night, besides “I wished I never stepped into that house” or “If only I was bigger than that guy, I would have been the one doing the squeezing”, it would have considered, “Hey, didn’t he start speaking to me with a gentle voice?”, “Why did he use a soft towel to cover me?”, “Why didn’t he bite me back?” and “l thought he would have carried me to the kitchen, instead he carried me right out the front door”, “he cannot be that bad after all”. If only!

And “to be still”, oh how important this is for crisis management instead of going everywhere and to anyone who will hear of your (version of) ordeal, “Poor thing! … bad guy!”.

C) “Offer the sacrifices of righteousness” (Psalm 4:5)

There are right things to do, no matter how angry or hurt you are. You might be angry with your parents but if you would continue to honour them (which is righteousness), you will be blessed! I am not saying it will be easy, it is on the contrary, and that is why it is known as a sacrifice but do it anyway, “offer the sacrifices of righteousness”.

D) And keep putting your trust in the Lord!

Man may fail you but God will not, and He always has the last say, so do it His way!

Trust me!


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