Always Good

24 Feb 22   -  Music

Raw and real, back to basics, acoustic worship with Pastor Kenneth Chin leading through the 6 songs that he had downloaded from the Lord between 2010 and 2020.



Executive Producer – Kenneth Chin

Producers – Wong Kien Yiak, Alvin Keng

Programme Coordinator – Shirley Wong

Vocals – Kenneth Chin

Acoustic Guitar – Alex Martin

Cajón – Albert Ling

Sound Engineer – Alex Martin

Video Production Team – Steven Soon, Julie Goh and Addison Wilson

Video Editors – Steven Soon and Julie Goh


Always Good

Lyrics and Music by 

Pr Kenneth Chin and Pr Joel Vijay

Verse 1 

God You are so, so good 

There is just none like You 

You make me sing, out loud for joy 

Lord I’m so grateful 

Verse 2 

Jesus Your love for me 

Like nothing I’ve ever seen 

I lift up my hands, to praise Your name 

Oh how I love You 


Every time I’m in Your presence 

I can’t help but overflow with gladness 

You are so good and merciful 

All I wanna do is to stand and worship You 

Delight myself in You oh Lord 

Make all my hopes and dreams come true 

Only You are worthy Lord 

All I wanna do is to shout my praise to You 


You make everything beautiful 

You make all things new 

You are ever so wonderful 

You are always good 


Recorded in NewSong Music Studio @ Dream Village Community Centre (DVCC)Produced by NewSong Music Asia & Flatfish Media

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