Chin Up Show Episode 09

14 Dec 23   -  Chin Up Show

Get ready for a heartwarming episode of the Chin Up Show as Pr Kenneth Chin dives into the power of small actions and the ripple effects of love in our communities. This week, he welcomes three inspiring guests – Crystal, Pr Sarah, and Pr Jack – to speak of the importance of caring for others in the field of education!

Pr Kenneth sits down with Crystal Ling, a current student and a soon-to-be educator, as she shares her experiences in organizing small group activities and her participation in the Revo movement, a student-led initiative that spreads kindness through simple acts of service. Hear how Crystal and her peers are making a big difference on campus, one smile at a time. 

Up next is Pr Sarah, Acts Kids pastor and head of Little Legends Childcare Centre. Pr Sarah brings her passion for nurturing young minds and hearts to the podcast – listen as she shares the joys and challenges of running Little Legends, and how caring for the next generation has impacted her own life and faith. 

Lastly, Pr Kenneth invites on Pr Jack, a key figure in the management of Victory Academy, the church’s school. Pr Jack joins the conversation to discuss the importance of quality education and the values instilled at Victory Academy. He’ll express what he feels makes Victory one-of-a-kind, and how the school community fosters a supportive environment for growth.

This episode is a reminder of the heart of education – and those dedicated to the growth of our bright young children. Tune in to be inspired by Crystal, Pr Sarah, and Pr Jack, and catch a glimpse of the people behind the people, as they learn and guide along the way.