Chin Up Show Episode 10

21 Dec 23   -  Chin Up Show

Welcome to the grand finale of 2023 on The Chin Up Show with your host, Pr Kenneth Chin! In this momentous 10th episode, Pr Kenneth shares the latest updates on his life and the vibrant happenings within the Acts community. Join Pr Kenneth as he delves into the current news in Malaysia, sharing a controversial story about a cake shop and Christmas that’s making waves.

The highlight of this special episode is the exploration of the profound theme – The Power of Prayer. Pr Kenneth welcomes his first guests, Mr. Bala and his wife Alice. Mr. Bala, a former Superintendent from the Royal Malaysian Customs, unveils his powerful testimony. Charged with corruption, he was vindicated and cleared of all charges through the incredible force of prayer. Hear how God restored everything to Mr Bala after 15 years of this challenge.

Prepare to be inspired further as Pr Kenneth welcomes Pr Thomas and Pr Matthew, who share their church growth journey. Instead of seeking quick fixes, they turned to prayer, and the result? Supernatural growth that defies explanation.