Dear Students From Pastor

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August 2020 Edition

By the time you read this, the Senior Pastor’s Office (SPO) would have decided on the next candidate for the role of Campus Pastor, and I would have completed my role as Interim Campus Pastor. This is truly an exciting and essential development as it will also mark a new season of fresh focus and greater fruitfulness in alignment to the vision that God has entrusted to Acts for such a time as this.

I heard that this time round, there’s a possibility of appointing two Assistant Campus Pastors to support the new Campus Pastor, as well as the Core Team and Extended Core Team, in carrying out their roles. There’s going to be a lot more team work expected and expressed in the days to come which is a good thing. As they say, team work makes the dream work.

*Photos were taken pre-MCO.

When I took over about 4 months ago, at the beginning of the MCO, my aim and desire was to:

Discipleship and evangelism

Strengthen the purpose and focus of Acts Campus and CampusCity on discipleship and evangelism respectively, although not exclusively, and to ensure that they permeate and influence everything we do in and through our campus ministry.

Strengthen the Core Team and Extended Core Team

Strengthen the Core Team and Extended Core Team especially in their roles and responsibilities, making changes where necessary to ensure that the above is met.

Strengthen the confidence of the leaders

Strengthen the confidence of the leaders as they dream, deliberate and make decisions to bridge the gap between the church and community, the sacred and secular, Zion and Babylon.

Strengthen partnerships

Strengthen the partnerships both internal and external, present and future, that can help fulfil all of the above – including our partnership with “Revo”, “i Survived”, “LINetS”… and those amongst us who hold key positions in colleges and universities.

Fill the positions of Campus Pastor and Assistant Campus Pastor(s)

Strengthen all of the above by seeking out and recommending to the SPO the potential candidates that can fill the positions of Campus Pastor and Assistant Campus Pastor(s).

Just as a note on the side, from 2020, all key positions in Acts are – including those in point number 5 – for a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 4. Before or by the 5th year, unless the Holy Spirit clearly intervenes, a new group of leaders will need to be raised, recognised and released to take on a fresh cycle and season of another 2 to 4 years. As such, these leaders must be very clear of what they need to achieve in that given time and the talents they have or would need to have to bring to the table in order to fulfil that.

“What’s my real contribution to the vision in the time that I’ve been given?”
“What’s my mission?”
“What have I done that has brought us closer to the vision?”
“What would I really be remembered for?”

Every leader has at least one specific gift or strength and one specific assignment or calling that needs to be fulfilled in a specific time allotted to him or her. Each leader will have to ask themselves, “What’s my real contribution to the vision in the time that I’ve been given?” In other words, “What’s my mission?” And in the end, “What have I done that has brought us closer to the vision?” “What would I really be remembered for?”

What that leader contributes will not only add value to what the leader before him has established, but what the leader after him will build on. So it’s good that most if not all of us are clear with what that is – so that we can all work together for the good as a healthy and well synchronised body where every part does it’s share to encourage and complement one another towards the finishing line. The overall vision has already been set and sealed by God for our church – ie. for the next 20 years – but the mission of what, how, when and where that vision is to be carried out is entrusted to those who have been appointed to lead “for such a time as this”.

I’m happy to say that all the 5 aims and desires above have either been met or are in the process of being met, and so it’s time for me to move on and for you to move forward. Praise the Lord! But while all these are good and important to satisfy, Acts Campus and CampusCity will never be the dream campus ministry of the “need and net” without the unwavering support of our students and adult volunteers. Your continuous belief, belonging and backing has, is and will always be the backbone – not only of our campus ministry alone – but also of our entire church. It’s been true from the very early days of Acts and, I’m convinced, will be till the very end.

Our students have – since the birth of Acts – always shown that they can truly be counted on especially when it truly counts. I’m not just deeply thankful to God for His precious gift of thousands of students who have called Acts their home, past and present, but I’m also so proud of each and every one of them who has paid the price and made the difference all these many years – and for many more years to come. I pray that you will not only remain faithful in this new season that we’re all entering into together, but that you will also be full of faith to enjoy greater fruitfulness and multiplication such as we’ve never experienced.

It’s been a real pleasure serving all of you as your Interim Campus Pastor, albeit for only a short while. Thank you for all your support and encouragement, especially your very enthusiastic response to Tumpang Tanya, Pastor. I hope to still be able to serve you from time to time. I also want to thank the Core Team and the Extended Core Team for their support, belief, cooperation, honour and submission – especially at times when they may not have fully understood or agreed to the way I’ve led but accepted it anyway in the spirit of unity and as leaders who are under authority.

*Photos were taken pre-MCO.

My hope and prayer is that you will give them – and the new Campus Pastor and Assistant Campus Pastors – your full and finest support. Together, nothing will be impossible for us!

The best is still before us!

I also want to thank my wife, Pr. Sandra, who has been my strength and No. 1 supporter. She didn’t have to be asked twice to join me in serving the Core Team of Acts Campus/ CampusCity, even with her already very packed schedule and multiple responsibilities as Senior Minister. And, I’m sure you will agree, what a blessing she’s been just in this short time to all of us.

*Photos were taken pre-MCO.
*Photos were taken pre-MCO.

God willing, we’ll still be available and reachable to lend support to our campus ministry as and when needed. I trust Pr. Michelle is the same even when she’s thousands of miles away in Osaka. This is our loving commitment to you – as long as God’s gives us breath.

So, see you around and God bless!

Much love and prayers,