Defining Acts Church

21 Feb 19   -  Writings

[ Shared by Pastor Kenneth Chin at Acts Church Conference Malaysia  – 25 February 2016 ]


A church that is obedient to do all that God tells us to.


A church that is filled with the Spirit is a church that is filled with fire.

A church that is passionate for God and the things of God.


A church that has fun serving God.

A church that ask of Him to complete our joy.


While it takes faith to start a journey, it takes faithfulness to finish the race.

A church that is made of finishers.


A church that endures and runs the race, fixing our eyes on Jesus.


A church that has the freedom to be who we are called to be by God.

A church that do not have to change to live by someone else’s standards.

First Love

A church that remembers our first love as believers.

A church that has the fear of God in us as we love Him.


A church that is  flexible because the only constant is change.


A church that  lives and leads by example.

A church that is honest in sharing our faith because we have lived it out.

Follow Jesus

A church that follows Christ, the author and finisher of our faith for He is our revelation, motivation and destination.

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