Dream Killers & Builders (Part 1)

17 Jul 20   -  Writings

[ Preached by Pastor Kenneth Chin at Acts Church Malaysia on 2 October 2016 ] 

God is a giver of dreams. However, the enemy wants to kill our God-given dreams. Without a dream, we don’t have hope. And without hope, we don’t have life. In fact, depressing or suicidal thoughts come from a lack or absence of hope. So, they’re all interconnected: dreams, hope and life. But what kills our dreams? 

Three dream killers, namely, “pride”, “greed” and “disloyalty”. “Pride” robbed King Saul of his dream and destiny, “greed” killed Judas Iscariot and “disloyalty” caused Solomon to lose the glory. They all started well but did not end well.

Dream Killer 1: Pride

It’s a dangerous thing to be proud. 

Pride usually comes into play when we have overstepped our boundaries. When we choose to decide on something which we are not supposed to, because we think we are strong, qualified or wise enough. 

It can happen in our workplaces, our families and even in churches. The more successful we are at something, the temptation is greater.

Read | 1 Samuel 13:7-14

In the past, before commencing battles, it would be the task of the prophet or priest to bless the soldiers. When Prophet Samuel was late to the battlefield, instead of waiting for Samuel, King Saul took it upon himself to conduct the blessing by presenting a burnt offering. Saul overstepped his boundary. 

As soon as Saul finished, Samuel arrived and questioned Saul. Samuel reprimanded Saul that because Saul has not kept to his commandment to God, God will not continue his kingdom. Instead, God will seek a man after His own heart to lead the kingdom. 

Saul tried to justify his actions by blaming it on others – the scattering of the people and Samuel’s lateness. We tend to do that, blaming someone or something else for our own mistakes. 

Although Saul made a burnt offering, God values our obedience more than our sacrifices or offerings.

Dream Builder 1: Humility

The good news is that there’s a way to avoid our dreams being killed by our pride – and the answer is humility.

Read | Luke 14:11, 1 Peter 5:6-7

God exalts those who humbles himself or herself. It’s important to not let pride get into our heads. After all, we are servants of the most high God. God favours those who are humble – He resists the proud and gives grace to the humble.

Dream Killer 2: Greed

Greed can kill and rob you of your dream and destiny. Greed caused Judas to lose everything.

Do you think Judas decided to just betray Jesus at the spur of the moment? Definitely not. His decision would most likely be caused by a growing culture or habit which prompted him to do what he did. 

Read | John 12:3-6

Judas was described as having “used to” take money from the money box. What are you getting used to today? Don’t allow certain bad habits or culture to eventually be normalised in our lives. 

Read | John 13:16-29

In fact, up until the very last minute, Jesus still tried to give Judas a chance to repent. Such is His nature, God loves everyone and is a God of second chances.

Dream Builder 2: Contentment

What is the opposite of greed? It’s contentment – which is to be content with what we have. 

Read | 1 Timothy 6:6, Philippians 4:11-13, Luke 3:14

Anything is possible as we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. We should shed the habit of making excuses and succumbing to greed. Instead, be content with whatever position we are in.

Dream Killer 3: Disloyalty

Disloyalty is not yours to be ‘yoked; with. Disloyalty basically means you take your loyalty with someone and place it on another – you’re ‘yoking’ yourself with someone else.

Read | 1 Kings 11:1-6

King Solomon loved many foreign women. He had 700 wives and 300 concubines. Although God has said to not intermarry as they will surely turn away your hearts after their gods, Solomon did it anyway. True enough, as Solomon got old, his wives managed to turn his heart away to other gods.

When we get old, we tend to be lax about things – and that was what happened to Solomon. Although David also made mistakes, his heart was loyal to God till the very end – that’s the important difference. It’s not about the mistakes we have made, but how we choose to rectify them and how we end our lives – which is to fight the good fight and end well. 

Dream Builder 3: Loyalty

Read | Matthew 25:21-23

The ultimate reward for us in life is to enter into His joy. However, one of the main reasons we struggle with loyalty and faithfulness is because we have lost that joy. Faithfulness and joyfulness are very much connected. It can be very easy to be loyal or faithful when we have joy. So we must let the joy of the Lord enter our hearts again. 

Real dreams are made for generations. Loyalty will not only give you the dream of the season, but it will continue the dream from strength to strength and glory to glory!


Written by Wilson Ho
Edited by Hailey Chung