How do I get the best of the Christian life?

16 May 19   -  Writings

[Preached by Pastor Kenneth Chin at Acts Church Malaysia on 11 March 2018]

Many of us have merely “signed up” to be Christians. We enjoy the perks of being a part of a church and of being in the community of believers, but God wants so much more for us. And the best way to get the most out of our Christian life is to have “both feet in” and to learn to live by faith.

Looking at Hebrews 11:1, it emphasises that faith is a substance – it is evident – not an airy-fairy concept. And the substance of our faith must commensurate with the weight of what we are hoping for.

“God has always wanted for us to exercise our faith so that we can experience the greater things that He has for us.”

Throughout the Bible, we see the many expressions of faith by those who have gone before us.

Understanding and accepting His Word as truth (v3).

Having substance in our faith is to believe wholeheartedly that all things are formed by the Word of God.

Offering Him our best sacrifice (v4).

By faith, Abel brought a sacrifice with a deeper understanding and appreciation of what God deserves and God truly deserves our best.

To live a life that pleases Him (v5).

It takes faith to do what He wants out of our lives rather than to live by feelings.

“It takes faith to do what He wants out of our lives rather than to live by feelings.”

To prepare ourselves for what He has called us to (v7).

Although Noah knew nothing about building an ark, he trusted in the designs of God and prepared what was asked of him.

Going where He calls us to (v8-10).

Abraham walked out of his comfort zone when God called him to go where he did not know. But by faith, he dwelled in the land of promise even though it was in a foreign land (Gen 12:1-4). It is also by faith that Abraham believed God for his heir.

Receiving strength to bear what God has given us (v11-12).

While Sarah herself did not have the faith to bear a child (Gen 18:9-15), she was given the strength to bear a child and she received that strength. And displaying that strength was an expression of her faith.

Looking at the examples of people who have lived by faith in the Book of Hebrews, why then, are we not experiencing our breakthroughs?

Perhaps, it is because our faith lacks substance. It is about time we put some substance into what we believe in and what we are hoping for. In our act of faith, we have got to come to God (Heb 11:6) and not just to church. And when we come to Him, we must believe that He is who He says He is and believe that He is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

Church, His promises are yes and amen. Have faith that He will indeed reward us as we seek Him and trust Him for the things that we hope for. Learn to live by faith and not by sight.

Written by: Acts Writer’s Ink
Edited by: Ivy Wambaa

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