Imagine With Me

14 Dec 18   -  Writings


Editor’s note: These were God-inspired dreams Pastor Kenneth Chin had and listed in 2001. Today, we have seen most of these dreams being fulfilled by the strength and glory of God, and fulfilled beyond what was imagined too. 

[ Extracted and edited from D2Y2 Magazine – 2001, Volume 3 Issue 11 ]


Imagine A Place…

Hundreds of students walking to and fro. Some rushing to get to class while others are getting ready to go on with their respective assignments.

A bus parks by the front entrance where its passengers are let down. Two student volunteers are there waiting to introduce themselves as guides to the visitors. Some of the tourists who came earlier are already at their final stop in the tour, browsing through the “Inspirational Shop” hoping to get a souvenir.

A quick look at the cafeteria finds it bustling with students, lecturers, tourists and some residents from the surrounding community who just dropped by to use the well-equipped library.

Youth visiting the resource booths at FairStival 2018,
which is a national conference gathering youth leaders and influencers.


Imagine Every Student…

Inspired by the example and teachings of Jesus. Fulfilling commitments they made, receiving instructions for effective involvement in nation building.

Most of them in this “place” are just making good use of their holidays to learn a new skill, while others are there to pursue their long-term dream(s). They have come not just to gain an education but an experience that will contribute both to their own holistic development as well as to the development of the nation in which they have been called to. 

Youth participating in one among 60 skill workshops at FairStival 2018.

Imagine A School…

The main school offers training in creative arts, mass media and music especially in the areas of management and production. There is also a school dedicated to Christian discipleship, and another to social welfare and community development which includes a department of counselling. 

Victory Academy, a primary and secondary school
with a focus on faith-based education was birthed in 2015.


The Place Known As The Dream Village…

A place where dreams are inspired into reality. There are clinics and workshops where students practice what they learnt while they are learning.

Imagine students get busy teaching children with disabilities, doing physiotherapy on a post-stroke patient or taking stock of the collection of food and clothing that have come in for distribution to the poor and needy.

There are also the “outdoor assignments”, where students go out of the Dream Village to volunteer with other relief and rehabilitation support groups that have gladly received the Student Volunteer Programme.


Imagine Students In A Studio…

Producing a well-received “Youth Talk Show” that brings hope and inspiration to youth and families to dream and dream again. There is also an in-house radio station broadcasting messages (and music) that are radically relevant, real and responsible.

Students also embark on album production, which promotes local talents with their self-composed songs and music arrangements. Imagine them working with their team leaders and lecturers to prepare for the next live concert. Praying, fasting, practising with all their hearts. Believing God that the next meeting will inspire even more young people to follow Christ in His spirit of loving servanthood.

Dr Karen Kow speaking on the topic of mental health
at Revolution Talkshow during FairStival 2018.

The making of Breathe series for Chup.TV, a Malaysian youth channel that is inspired to talk about issues and (even tabooed) topics to bring faith, hope and love to listeners.


Imagine these meetings as being continuous and consistent with one underlining and overall theme -“Just Jesus”, drawing youths from all denominations.

In the year 2000, Just Jesus concerts were held three to four times and was envisioned to grow in number of committed student volunteers.

Imagine 100,000 youths will be attracted to a Just Jesus concert held in Malaysia’s largest stadium with at least 10,000 of those participating as student volunteers.

Editor’s note: We have then witnessed revival continued from Just Jesus concert in 2000 to many more revival rallies across the nation … 


Imagine youth committing themselves to four goals:

  • Reconciliation
  • Restoration
  • Revival
  • Reaching the unreached 

This is Dream 2002 – a challenge to be 100% radical for God and 100% relevant to man.

Editor’s note: Till today, the dream is still very much alive and is still developing to go further where God leads us … keep dreaming with us! 


D2Y2, which stands for Don’t Despise Your Youth, was an official Asian Youth Ambassador (AYA) magazine birthed out in the late 90s. The printed materials communicated dynamic and effective encouragement to and from the Church, with special emphasis on the knowledge and experiences of our Christian youths, which we believe the content is still relevant and applicable in this current generation.