Leadership Matters: How to polish people’s rough edges?

28 Sep 22   -  Podcast

Not everyone who comes to you is perfect and more often than not it might take some time before a person can grow into their full potential. This is especially the case if you are working with young people. But if you’re patient enough you might be able to discover a diamond in the rough.

Listen in as Kenneth Chin shares how he raises the leaders around him, who sometimes come with rough edges.

“Leadership Matters: 100 Questions with Kenneth Chin” was birthed to draw out leadership principles, practices and pointers which Kenneth has learned through his experience of leading a youth organisation, a global church and multiple social businesses.

We hope you will gain as you glean from the values shared, as well as the heart from which they were derived, that have been tried and tested through the years, as you lead your teams, communities, organisations and businesses to greater heights.

Season #1 Coming Soon!