Tumpang Tanya Pastor (Ep.12)

23 Mar 21   -  Tumpang Tanya Pastor

In this pandemic, a lot of people have been plagued with mental health issues and are under great stress due to different fears and reasons. No matter what you are going through, suicide should never be an option. Listen in as Pr Kenneth answers this question and also shares about his personal life story in relation to his sister.

Pr Kenneth have since founded LiNetS (Life Inspired Network Society) a suicide prevention non-profit organisation which seeks to embrace & engage precious lives wrestling to hold on when there seems to be no hope. We believe that this journey called life is beautiful and a gift from God that should be guarded and grown to its fullest potential. Collectively, our efforts can cushion the pain and change the path of people, especially young people, silently crying out for help.

For more info on LiNetS, visit www.linet.org.my

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