You Are The Vessel For The Miracle

03 Jan 19   -  Writings

[ Preached by Pastor Kenneth Chin at Campus City, Acts Church Malaysia – 21 July 2017 ]

Read 2 Kings 4:1-7

Impoverished, the widow had no choice but to sell her children to their father’s debtor. She cried out to Elisha for help, who then asked her to gather all the vessels she could borrow from her neighbours, and to fill it with the only jar of olive oil she had.

She and her sons did what was told. With every vessel that was brought to her, she poured oil and oil were miraculously filled up in all the vessels. The oil stopped only when there was not another vessel left to fill.

While the oil saved the family and the generation of her family, the vessels also played a crucial role in the miracle, and the vessels represent us.

Where would the oil be without the vessels?

In this generation, we have enough oil (Holy Spirit) to bring about a revolution, but we might not have enough vessels (us). The treasure is already within us, we just need to be willing vessels.

What makes a vessel useful?

1. The vessel must stand
How can one use a fallen vessel? No matter how many mistakes we have made, God can still save us and use us. Therefore, we must remain standing even when things get tough.

2. The vessel needs to be open
A vessel needs to be open for God to fill it. A small open vessel is of more use to God than a big closed vessel. You already lost much when you remain close. Be open to the Holy Spirit.

3. Empty vessel
We need to empty ourselves of our past hurts, bitterness, anger, success, and let God fill us again. His focus is on our future, not our past. God cannot use us when we are full of ourselves.

4. Clean vessel
Our vessels need to be cleaned. However, no vessel can clean itself because it is God who cleans us. Sometimes, this process involves our lives being shaken and turned upside down, but God simply wants to clean us because He loves us. Do not despise God’s discipline!

5. To see what’s inside the vessel
Never be afraid to wash your “dirty linen”. Be transparent to others. It will bring great impact to them when we allowed God to use our mistakes and struggles to minister to others.

6. The vessel that pours out
The power is pouring out. It is not just about you being filled. It is about you being poured out to serve one another. When you keep pouring out, God can fill you again and again. The oil ceased when there were no more vessels. The devil cannot stop the oil, but he can stop the vessels.

Be reminded that God wants to use us as His vessels. God wants to heal His broken vessels and He wants to use us for His glory.

Written by Carolyn Ng
Edited by Pamela Choo and Hailey Chung

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