A Forest Fire

12 Jul 18   -  Writings


[ Extracted and edited from D2Y2 Magazine – Volume 1 Issue 3, June 1997 ]

I had a vision. A vision of a lighted matchstick thrown into the driest forest. All that matchstick was required to do was to remain burning.

It did and soon the leaves closest to it caught fire. Then more and more leaves and dry branches were touched. Soon the wind blew. And the fire spread. The wind blew even stronger and the fire spread even more till balls of fire were seen thrown from one end of the forest to another end. In time, the whole forest was on fire and out of control. No amount of water could put the fire out.

The forest speaks about our dry and thirsty land. The lighted match speaks of a wholly surrendered, fully committed and willing child of God. The wind speaks of the Holy Spirit and the forest fire speaks of the coming revival.


What is this revival? How will we know when it comes? How can we contribute?

To revive is to bring something that is dead (or very close to it) back to life. It is not some kind of shock treatment, but a sovereign act of God that makes this possible.

God does revival by His amazing grace and great mercy to bring us back to Himself. Revival speaks therefore about the turning away from that which brought us death to return to that which promises us life.


It happens when people start living by faith and not by sight. It comes when people submit in obedience to the Word of God rather than the dictates of their flesh. It is seen when people choose the supernatural promises of God over the natural wisdom and understanding of this world. It is when man has learnt not to live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.

This is the revival we are looking to. When young people in Malaysia and beyond understand like our Lord Jesus did, that our food is to do the will of Him who sent us and to finish His work. I look with anticipation for the time when young people will faithfully turn to God’s word as the manual book in handling every conflict and success faced in their lives at any and every time.


God is on the hunt. Will you be the one?

Imagine every youth in Malaysia obeying the Great Commission. What would become of our nation and the nations beyond when our youth are revived to total allegiance in obedience to the eternal and awesomely powerful Word of God.

God has been looking for that faithful few. The Bible tells us that all He needs is just one to make it all happen. One who will stand in the gap. One who will count the cost. One little insignificant spark that will keep burning for God no matter what.

God is on the hunt. Will you be the one? Or will God have to say again that He could find none. As for me, I have made my choice! To honour God’s word and to hear His voice – in my generation!


D2Y2, which stands for Don’t Despise Your Youth, was an official Asian Youth Ambassador (AYA) magazine birthed out in the late 90s. The printed materials communicated dynamic and effective encouragement to and from the Church, with special emphasis on the knowledge and experiences of our Christian youths, which we believe the content is still relevant and applicable in this current generation.