Asian Youth Ambassadors: Empowering Youth

16 Aug 19   -  Other

Asian Youth Ambassadors (AYA) is a non-profit youth and community development organisation founded in Malaysia for the primary purpose of “inviting, inspiring, instructing and involving young people to dare to dream and be responsible in fulfilling those dreams for the good of all”.

AYA’s main priority is a commitment to raising leaders of admirable standards and excellence, believing that sound and solid leaders determine the overall health (spirit, mind and body) of a whole generation as it does a whole nation.

Started since year 1995 by Kenneth and Sandra Chin, AYA has been touching over 6,000 youths each year through concerts, conferences, community service initiatives and mass media.

AYA is and has been creatively involved in a variety of things and ways that support its purpose. These include among others:-

  • Promoting compassion and unity events and other nation building projects
  • Organising motivational talks, concerts and conferences
  • Producing youth development resource through research

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