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Messages The Good Prayer (Part 2)

What is the posture of our hearts when we come to God in prayer? Watch video

Messages Sin Series (Part 2): Despise The Shame

Have you ever made mistakes and afraid of being blamed? You try to hide the shame with the foresight that you might be scolded, but are you still living in shame? Watch video

Messages Sin Series (Part 1): Why was Jesus sent?

Jesus was sent to bless us by turning us away from our sins. But what is sin? Watch video

Messages Good Series (Part 3): God’s Goodness

Could it be that God’s glory is His goodness? And to see His Glory, is to experience His goodness? Watch video

Messages Good Series (Part 2): All Good

God is good all the time and all the time God is good. That's what we as believers say frequently but do we really know how good God is? Watch video

Messages Good Series (Part 1): God is Good

God is good and the bible clearly declares His Goodness. Watch video

Messages When to seek God? (Part 4)

We should seek God anytime and every time and God is waiting for us to seek Him all the time. Pr Kenneth ends this series by sharing with us when we should seek God. Watch video

Messages How to Seek God? (Part 3)

Preparation is a vital component to seeking the Lord. We prepare ourselves when we are getting ready for different events in our lives, for an interview, an exam or even when we go watch a movie. Watch video