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Messages Don’t let that which Haunts you, Halt you

There are many things in our lives that haunt us, we shouldn't let it hinder us. Watch video

Messages The Lord’s Prayer: Lead Us Not Into Temptation

We need to keep our hands clean and our hearts pure. Watch video

Messages God’s Love

Pr Kenneth recounts an amazing story he heard from a friendly old lady when he was a young preacher. Watch video

Messages Holy Spirit: Our Secret Weapon to Breakthroughs

Relying on the Holy Spirit is the key that will lead us to our breakthroughs Watch video

Messages The Power of One

There is power to the power of one. Watch video

Messages Master of Breakthrough (Part 2)

How do our choices affect our breakthrough? Watch video

Messages Master of Breakthrough (Part 1)

God is the Master of breakthrough and breakthrough is His domain. Watch video

Messages The Power of Agreement

There is power when two or three are in agreement. Watch video

Messages Small Cake Big Breakthrough

A small crack is all you need to get your breakthrough. Watch video

Messages Character Defines Your Future

Opportunities can be disguised as obstacles and your character will determine how you respond to it. Watch video