Category: Messages

Messages The Power of Christmas

It is about the greatest gift of all that was given to mankind. Watch video

Messages Confidence

Confidence, also known as faith is such an essential part of our Christian walk. Watch video

Messages Product of Discouragement

How are you responding to your discouragements today? Watch video

Messages He Did It Anyway

They cursed Him, they hung Him, they killed Him and yet He did it anyway. Watch video

Messages Without Faith, it is Impossible to Please God

“Faith is the currency of heaven”, it opens the floodgates to God’s good and perfect blessings for us if only we can believe. Watch video

Messages That Your Joy May Be Full

The Bible says that when we ask anything in His name, it will be given to us. Do we really believe this? Watch video

Messages Growing in Capacity

God wants us to grow in our capacity as believers, even in the face of challenges and situations that we have no control over like the economy and the state of our nation.  Watch video

Messages Faith is a Window

You need faith when there are a lot of unanswered questions ahead of you Watch video

Messages Why the Cross?

Jesus Himself, chose the cross as the way to die and to redeem us from our sins. Did you ever wonder why he didn’t die another way? Watch video

Messages Grace, Gifts and Faith (3 Essentials for a Fruitful Life)

Did you know that God has given us three things for us to live a fruitful and fulfilling life? Watch video