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Video Business Unusual Ep.07: The Heart of Education is the Education of the Heart

“I didn’t want schools to be like what I experienced as a teacher, The students were just at school for fun and their whole perception of learning was not right.” Watch video

Video Business Unusual Ep.06: Drawing Out Great Legacies in Little Children

"I just want to see that every child is happy, they should enjoy their childhood." Watch video

Video Business Unusual Ep.05: Getting Back to BASICS

"We didn't want to be like our teachers, they didn't influence us in a way that inspires us." Watch video

Video Business Unusual Ep.04: Beyond Football

“I got to take action for this kid because I don’t want him to take the same fate with me.”- Albert Low Watch video

Video Business Unusual Ep.03: Loving the Pre-Loved

“If it’s not going to be me to start changing my community, then who?” - Yvonne Chong Watch video

Video Business Unusual Ep.02: Profit with a Purpose

"I didn't like business because I need to earn someone's money." - Pamela Choo, Manager of Revo Store Watch video

Video Business Unusual Ep.01: Making Healthcare Accessible

"Making healthcare accessible because everyone has a right to health. That's one of the basic needs." - Dr Jill Ling, Klinik Kecheerian Watch video

Video Why Breathe?

No matter how dark the circumstances are, there is always light at the end of the tunnel – there is always hope. Watch video

Video Acts Men Devotion Highlights 2018

Acts Men Devotion is about knowing what the bible has to say and obeying it as men. Watch video

Video Acts Church Camp 2018 Highlights

Here's what happened at Acts Church Camp 2018 Watch video