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News GCC, KK: How to Adult by Pr Kenneth Chin

Pr Kenneth will be ministering at Glory Christian Centre, Kota Kinabalu this coming 12-13 July 2019. Read more

Video The Global Actsperiment: All To Jesus (Featurette)

Come and hear what is the heart of the Global Actsperiment and how we came to name the album All to Jesus from the team behind the album. Watch video

Video Breathe: Self-harm – “Self-Help” (Episode 06)

In the face of mental illness, many posed this important question: Is self-help possible? Watch video

Video Breathe: Self-harm – “Faith” (Episode 05)

There are times that we may come to our wits’ end, where we believe that nothing on earth seem to favour us; a position we are so convinced about that no one else can help, and no other remedy could be found. Watch video

Video Breathe: Self-harm – “Mental Health” (Episode 04)

In this episode, Mathura and Hong Jin shares with us the struggles and challenges living with this illness as well as the victories they have experienced. Watch video

Video Breathe: Self-harm – “Family” (Episode 03)

For most people, our initial exposure to societal relationships is with our immediate families. They are vital in moulding our character and can either make or break us Watch video

Video Breathe: Self-harm – “Friends” (Episode 02)

In this episode, our guests Mathura, Hong Jin and Daniel share the piercingly difficult moments they had to face as well as the huge impact that some of their amazing friends had on their lives via one encouraging word, a shoulder to lean on and a listening ear at a time. Watch video

Other Breathe: Self-harm – “My sister, Lynette” (Episode 01)

Kenneth recounts the life his sister lived and the experiences that they had growing up in a broken family. He has fond memories of his sister, he shares with us who she was and how she impacted him and the people around her. Read more

Video Breathe: Self-harm – “Let’s Change the Game” (Prologue)

Breathe: Self-harm is a series exploring the emotions, facts and experiences of everyday Malaysians who are wanting to end their own lives. Watch video

Video Fairstival Kota Kinabalu 2019

On the 25th and 26th of January 2019, our team was privileged to travel to the Land below the Wind - the beautiful city of Kota Kinabalu and conducted the first ever FairStival in East Malaysia. Watch video