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Writings Why Worship Works (Part 4)

There are times when worship lingers with you because you have learnt to linger in worship! Read more

Writings Why Worship Works (Part 3)

How worship permeate through our day, influencing and sometimes even dictating how we interact with the world. Read more

Writings Why Worship Works (Part 2)

When we become worshippers, we will experience more and more the authority of God in and through our lives. Read more

Writings Why Worship Works (Part 1)

Even in the darkest dungeon, we are made to worship God. Read more

Writings Why Fast?

It’s not just a hunger of the physical, it’s the hunger for the spiritual. Read more

Writings Faith Is The Substance

Reading from Hebrews, what do the "faith giants" described in the letter can teach us? Read more

Writings The Past and the Prophetic Utterance

God wants His people to deal with the past so that they can be ready for the future. Read more

Writings Breakthrough from Boxes

Jesus was put in the box of death but He came out of it as the risen Jesus! The angel said, “He is not here,'' no box could keep Him in. Read more

Writings Barking Up The Wrong Tree

To live differently, we will have to make sure we do not bark up the wrong tree. Read more

Writings Church Is A Messy Place

People come into church with all shapes and sizes of baggage, sin, and problems. Read more