Category: Writings

Writings Jesus’ Death

It “broke the rules” and took Satan by surprise, dealing him a crushing and permanent defeat. Read more

Writings The Sin Series Part 2: Despise The Shame

Adam endured the shame and despised the cross before him which led him down a path of blame, losing him his authority with God. Jesus, endured the cross, despised the shame and was able to sit down at the right hand of the Father, restoring back His authority as God’s son. Read more

Writings The Sin Series Part 1: Why was Jesus Sent?

We cannot preach salvation without preaching sin. Sin was first and Christ came because of sin. If there was no sin, there is no need for salvation, because salvation (through the coming of Jesus Christ) arrives only after sin is acknowledged. Read more

Writings Know Your Enemy (Part 1) 

We must not be ignorant of the devil’s devices, nor his strategies. Read more

Writings Give Our All to God

As long as we have given our all to God, we have done our best which is good enough for God and good enough for us. Read more

Writings The Secret Place

To realise God’s wonderful and faithful promises, we need to find Him where He dwells, in a ‘Secret Place’. Read more

Writings Defining Acts Church

The ten points that defines the family as Acts Church. Read more

Writings Because He First Loved Us

The most joyful people in the world are those who know that they are loved because they learn to love the very life they have been given. Read more

Writings The Power Of Sharing

Sharing begets joy, sharing begets excitement. If what we are doing is indeed good, then we should continue doing so. Read more

Writings Just Add Water

If a cup of coffee is put under a running tap of water, it will eventually turn into clear water again. The Living Water of God can clean us, save us, and reveal potential in our lives. The Living Water is highly essential to our spirit just as water is important to our body. Read more