Is Christ Enough?

05 Jul 19   -  Writings

[ Preached by Pastor Kenneth Chin at Acts Church Camp on 31 August 2018 ]

Through the ups and downs of life, it is so easy to sideline our faith and let worldly practises or motivational personalities to influence and fill us. In such times, it is easy to rely on man’s wisdom instead of God’s power. What we may forget is that true and complete fulfilment only comes from God.

We can be secure even during unhappy times
if we know where our joy comes from.

How can we make Christ
enough in our lives?

Read| Revelation 22:13

Our lives here on earth represent what happens in between the beginning and the end. And here on earth, Jesus asks us to be baptised and to obey all that He has commanded us to do.

Baptism requires us to die to self. It requires that we deny ourselves of our desires, dreams, pride and our flesh so that Christ can take first place. To experience the fullness of Christ, we must be obedient, allowing ourselves to be led by the Holy Spirit in all things.

Are we willing to do it God’s way and not our way? This may mean that we take the longer and harder route instead of the more convenient one, but Christ always promises to reward us when we choose to obey Him above all else.

Make Christ not just Saviour of our sins,
but Lord over our all.

Read| Romans 7:15-20

Due to the fall of man, we were all born with a void that Christ was specifically sent to fill. Christ is the cornerstone, the centre of our lives, around Whom all our lives should be aligned. He wants us to make Him king of our lives. Only Jesus can make us stand whole, not only physically, but mentally when we keep Him at the centre of our thoughts.

Go out and preach the Gospel!

Do you know you have eternal life? What more do you need to add in to make your life enough!

Knowing this in our lives, we can pause for a while, but not stop. God requires that we take the gospel to all corners of the world and tell everyone that He is enough!

Eternal life not only keeps us going and growing, but giving to those around us by sharing the gospel with them.

Desire to know God so you can trust Him!

Do you know Jesus well enough to trust that He is good enough for you? A true disciple is one who fully trusts, fully obeys and fully follows. God’s desire for us is that at all times, we can fully trust that He is our everything:

The positive to our negatives
The anchor in our storm
The calm in our chaos
The healing to our hurt
The light to our darkness
The answer to our problems
The companion to our loneliness
The strength to our weakness

In the Bible, Christ promises that when we follow Him, we will never walk in darkness and we will bear much fruit. His promise to us is that in Him, our joy will be made full.

Read | John 8:12, John 15:7-8

Still believe.

Two things that can derail us from following God : Suffering & Success.

Success in life can make us forget to keep our eyes focused on God as enough in our lives. The enemy wants us to stop trusting God, to forget His word and to disobey His commandments.

When we truly love God, we will keep our eyes focused on Him only and not on our successes. We will have the strength to resist the devil and obey all that is commanded of us.

Read| Acts 14:21-22

We must also go through many tribulations to enter the kingdom of God. Trials and suffering may be hard for a time but we must be assured that Christ is using this to get substance to our faith.

Our aim should not be to run away from suffering, but to grow through it. Allow yourself to be renewed and transformed by training your mind in the midst of suffering.

Everyday try to beat your own record, do better today than you did yesterday.

Do you fully trust God with everything in your life?

Written by: Ivy Wambaa
Edited by: Hailey Chung

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