1-Minute 1-Min Chinspiration: Go, Not Stay.

God's commission has always been go, not stay. Read more

Messages Understanding and Overcoming Fear

God teaches us that perfect love casts out all fear and we can experience this love. Watch video

Memorable Reruns Memorable Rerun: The New Normal

Conviction, Courage and Commitment are the 3 things that we need to make a difference in this world. Read more

Writings Dream Killers & Builders (Part 1)

God is a giver of dreams. However, the enemy wants to kill our God-given dreams. Read more

Messages Understanding and Overcoming Anxiety

We feel anxious because of the actions of others. Watch video

Writings Ministering to others while needing ministry

If you feel like giving in, give in to God. Nothing you’ve sown into the Kingdom will be lost. Our best rewards are ahead of us. Read more

1-Minute 1-Min Chinspiration: Be Like Peter

Maybe this year, don't be so in control. Let God have the control. Read more