Messages Understanding and Overcoming Worry

In preparation to face the world post Covid-19, we need to overcome worry, anxiety and fear. Watch video

Memorable Reruns Memorable Rerun: Give Thanks to the Lord for He is Good

When people understand God's goodness, we will fully appreciate His glory. Read more

Writings Doubt

Doubt sinks you, but faith keeps you afloat. Read more

Other Dear Students From Pastor

This is Pastor Kenneth’s letter to the campus students of Acts as the Interim Campus Pastor, and he hopes to share more with the students in the near future. Read more

Writings What’s More Important Than Love?

At the cross, “love” and “holiness” met. “Love” had to meet the demands of “holiness”. Read more

Messages Why Worship Works (Part 4)

The entire church service, as even the whole of life, must be a worship. Watch video