Messages Love Has Won

God is love and God loves us but love is not God. Watch video

Writings Small Crack, Big Breakthrough

God's opportunities may look like problems or burdens but they are actually blessings. Read more

Messages How to get the most out of the Christian Life?

Listen in to Pr Kenneth as he shares how can we get the most out of our Christian Life as believers. Watch video

News Homes: Sook Lan’s Story

Sook Lan’s testimony on her healing and how her homies came around her in the lowest point of her life. Read more

Writings Does God move according to our perception of Him?

He is a gentlemen, He does not move with force if our spirit is unwilling. Read more

Other True worship is when no one is looking.

- extract from Chinspiration Volume III Read more

Video The Silent Cries

A True Story by YB Michelle Watch video

News Acts e-Newsletter (November 2019 Issue)

“Love your neighbour as yourself…” Read more