Writings Why Worship Works (Part 5)

Worship, therefore, helps us restart and refresh the areas of our lives that we know we need to work on overcoming or perfecting. Read more

News Restarting business and work after lockdown

What will our career or business look like after lockdown? Read more

Quotes Purity is possible.

- extract from Chinspiration Volume I Read more

Messages Why Worship Works (Part 2)

When we become worshippers, we will experience more and more the authority of God in and through our lives. Watch video

News Acts e-Newsletter (May 2020 Issue)

As the world continues to adapt according to unprecedented lockdowns, we discovered some faith stories from the people from Acts who bring new meaning to the MCO. Read more

Dear Students From Pastor Dear Students From Pastor

This is Pastor Kenneth’s first letter to the campus students of Acts as the Interim Campus Pastor, and he hopes to share more with the students in the near future. Read more

Writings Why Worship Works (Part 4)

There are times when worship lingers with you because you have learnt to linger in worship! Read more

News God is all about people, not projects

Church planting is in many ways about the one that God cares for. Read more