Messages Master of Breakthrough (Part 1)

God is the Master of breakthrough and breakthrough is His domain. Watch video

News Acts e-Newsletter (July 2018 Issue): Are you part of a Homes?

More intimate than your average church service, but as powerful as any Sunday sermon. Read more

Messages The Power of Agreement

There is power when two or three are in agreement. Watch video

Video VLOG: Transit at Johannesburg to Botswana

Pastor Kenneth send his greetings from Johannesburg while on transit to Botswana Watch video

Writings What The Devil Tries to Stop

Four things the devil has tried his best to stop the people of God from doing and had much success throughout church history (except in times of revival of course). Read more

Messages Small Cake Big Breakthrough

A small crack is all you need to get your breakthrough. Watch video

Writings Who Cares

It seems that it is no longer a case of what is right or wrong but “who cares”. Read more

Messages Character Defines Your Future

Opportunities can be disguised as obstacles and your character will determine how you respond to it. Watch video